Thailand & Laos

Visiting Thailand and Laos during protests in Bangkok, causing some last minute changes to the itinerary.

New York, New York
Nov. 27, 2013
Night before leaving for Thailand, went to see the Macy's Parade balloons.
New York, New York
Nov. 28, 2013
Leaving New York early morning.
Bangkok, Thailand
Nov. 29, 2013
Late night food in Bangkok immediately after arriving.
Bangkok, Thailand
Nov. 30, 2013
Muay Thai Fight Night
Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 1, 2013
Christmas time in Bangkok is apparently represented by a flying bear.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dec. 2, 2013
Visiting Chiang Mai earlier than planned due to protests in Bangkok.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dec. 3, 2013
Traveling around the rice field area of Chiang Mai
Luang Prabang, Laos
Dec. 4, 2013
Traveled to Laos. Our hotel was at the end of the night market in the middle of town.
Luang Prabang, Laos
Dec. 5, 2013
Early morning in Luang Prabang before heading to Vientiane
Vientiane, Laos
Dec. 6, 2013
Visit a statue park in Vientiane before heading across the river to Nong Khai.
Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 7, 2013
Last day in Thailand back in Bangkok.