Recent trips

Escape From New Mexico

23 trots

It's getting hot, the pool's not done and the herb garden died. Time to vamos northward and do another ramble. I've just turned eleven and most of my teeth are gone, bu…

Canadian Maritimes

21 trots

Another loosely planned meander, this time in our aged European diesel drinker. She weighs in at just over two tons, and that doesn’t include our crap. Fortunately a com…

Living the Dream: A Monthlong Trip to Spain & Morocco

26 trots

A two-part trip with family tag-teaming through Denise's dream trip for the Moorish architecture, guitar music, and sherries of southern Spain to the bazaars and oases o…

South African adventure

15 trots

A month exploring South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Life of Tye, 2017 Edition (California or bust)

74 trots

Greetings Campers! Tye here again. After a fine summer in Rochester, we are off again on another exciting adventure, attempting a lap of the country in an antique Volv…

Escape from Melbourne winter 2016

22 trots

Winter was coming, so with a 3 month gap between my PhD classes I took off to meet my mom and sister in Europe, attend some conferences, and get in some quality surf.

Family Trip to Argentina/Chile!

35 trots

3 months exploring Argentina and Chile with our baby girl Arlo, some snowboards, backpacks and a heap of optimism. First stop Buenos Aires. Vivo Argentina 🇦🇷💃🏽✈️

Bali fun times

19 trots

Aidan and Hayley take a much deserved break, spending six weeks travelling around Bali and it's archipelagos.

The Life of Tye

78 trots

I'm Tye, a five year old Mi-Ki (it's an actual breed, honest). I'm a retired service dog, and since my current owners are also retired, we decided to go on endless reces…

Thailand & Laos

11 trots

Visiting Thailand and Laos during protests in Bangkok, causing some last minute changes to the itinerary.